Digital Distribution

Operating since 1995, (Confetti Distribution) –Elusive Tracks has been offering one of the most personal and affordable digital distribution services around. Being involved in the ever-growing market of digital music sales we are connected to over 30 shops making us able to deliver your musical content to all download-portals and streaming services in electronic music.

We tend to serve as the middleman between your label and online shops by providing personal support and advice. Our in house label managers are specialized in a variety of genres, making sure your music will reach the right shops and receive the attention it needs. Our deal has shown to be one of the most beneficial offers with high service at a low percentage rate.

Find a breakdown of the Elusive Tracks Digital Distribution terms and conditions below.


Prices for digital distribution

Your content will automatically be sent to all of our connected shops and streaming services, unless otherwise requested. All costs will be deducted from your quarterly statement.


Planning & release date

Next to finding a distributor for your content it’s important to start managing your label and it’s promotion. We can give some advice on scheduling your releases and promoting them a bit, though label management all starts with the label itself. Having a steady plan for your releases and promoting them the right way will not only stimulate sales but also help having your releases featured on shops such as iTunes or Spotify. 


Requirements for distributing a digital release

Full waves of each track, you can upload via your personal labeltool account. For exact details on how to get maximum result and efficiency please follow the guidelines explained at the audio specifications page
               Cover artwork of your finished product. Digital artwork should be at least 1400×1400 pixels in .jpeg format. Digital artworks containing url’s won’t be accepted by most digital shops.
               Sales notes & press release, a document which contains more information about the release.
               Label logo (600x600px, in JPEG format).


What about promotion?

Promotion starts by the label. Advertisement on shops as Amazon and iTunes like highlighting certain releases are made by the marketing staff of those shops solely.

YouTube is a good channel to promote your music. We can monetize all content on youtube, so we can encourage you to put clips on there to get as many views a possible. We can basically turn these views into money.  For more information please contact our staff.

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