Mastering Services

Mastering services

Elusive Tracks offers high quality audio mastering for artists and labels that release House or other dance related genres. Our experienced mixing and mastering engineer uses top level analog and digital equipment to give your music a complete and professional sound to bring out the full potential of your tracks and allow them to compete with major commercial releases.

We need one week to get the music mastered and sent back to the label. We will need an advance payment for our mastering services. Digital masters can be requested by sending an email to quotes@test2press.com with the following subject – DIGITAL MASTERING REQUEST [CATALOGNUMBER] –

The Engineer

Test2Press are specialists in mastering modern/classic house, techno,disco, jungle & garage They provide services to master and perfect your record for all formats especially vinyl. Our masters strive to improve your music, give it a sheen and a solid sound whilst retaining all the dynamics and the original balance of the music. An anti-loudness war stance, which sounds so much better…and incredible on vinyl.

They pride themselves in working as much with their clients as for them, so there will be no nameless overnight masters who return a file mastered with no input from yourself. Throughout the mastering or mixing process they’ll be in full contact with you and will have as much opporunity to give input as you need.

We live in a world saturated with cheap quick music which can often grow old very quickly, our approach prefers to look for nuance, attention to detail and balance in your music as thats what truly makes it strong.

Mastered for , this track by is downloadable in full WAV from Soundcloud. A great way to check out the Test2Press Sound.



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The price packages for which we offer digital mastering do not include the right to ask for revisions of the original master.

This is a one shot only price!

Make sure you are happy with your mixdown before sending it for mastering.

Prices for revising the first time master are negotiable.

Delivery and preparation


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